Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A4 and A3 Lamps

Lamps A4 and A3  were first designed and tested manually using traditional cutting and folding techniques. After that, 3d paper prototypes were digitalized into 2d drawings and finally laser cut.

Main materials are: paper, polypropylene, plexiglass and plastic clips.
Prior to assembly, these lamps are simply a thin, flat sheet of material. The idea is that these light and thin sheets can be posted in a very cheap and eco-friendly manner in typical A4 and A3 size envelopes, and then quickly and easily folded and assembled by the customer, who then becomes part of the making process.

During the ordering process the client can customize his own lamp design by choosing different types of materials, clip colors, lamp fittings and cables.

Monday, January 17, 2011

lamp fold_02

 While working on the complete Fold series, would like to share what i managed to finalize by the end of 2010. In March i hope to show the series on the exhibition in Barcelona. Cheers! KK:D

Thursday, December 9, 2010

"Una paloma blanca"

Barcelona 09.12.2010
                                      Fab Lab Barcelona & King Kong Desig

After quite some post showing a bit of the process of my last design,finally there is time for some "real" objects. Sorry for not typing anything before, but with so many ideas crossing my mind so fast, and with such an intensity, i thought images will explain it all better.

I can only add, that the whole idea of what i'm working on recently,is about drawing, cutting, folding and connecting all pieces not only by myself, but also by enyone interested in trying making something too.

Real website with real products coming soon!!!

Waiting for comments, and thanks for chasing! 


Polypropylene 0.8mm, 1050x750mm - 1 piece
White plastic clips – 14 pieces
Cord set – 1 piece
Low-energy bulb-E27 – 1 piece
Laser Cutter – Epilog Legend 36EXT

A. Preparation before cutting:
Attaching material with paper tape to the bottom part of the laser cutter.
Setting the properties for cutting:
Speed: 60%
Power: 70%
B. Cutting process. About 8 minutes.
C. Removing cut piece from the laser cutter and placing it on the clean surface.

                  Lamp fold_01 featured on Industrial Design Served

Full instructions available on ISSUU: